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Title: Madeline
Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
Illustrator:Ludwig Bemelmans
Grade: 2

By Ludwig Bemelmans
Reviewed by Andra

It is all about Madeline and her friends with Ms. Clavil in Paris. Madeline was the smallest one. when I read this book I saw something happen to Madeline. Read the book to find out more. I do not like this book because it doesn’t have so much details and it does not inchrest me so much. I think nobody would like this book. If you read it ou would not like it because it does not inspiyer you. It does not have eny details. It just tells you a story. Just read the book to find out more about what happened to Madeline. I think pre-kinder shoud read the book because thay might think it is funny because Ms. Clavil keeps going up and down up and down the stairs.

Title: The Paperboy
Author: Dav Pilkey
Illustrator:Dav Pilkey
Grade: 2

The Paper Boy
By Dav Pilkey
Reviewed by Zachary
The paper boy has a small dog. He wakes up in the middle of the nigh to walk his dog around the neighborhood. While it’s night everyone is waking up, while the paper boy is going to sleep. Find out more about the book. I did not like it because there was not a lot of detail in the book. If you like chapter books you wouldn’t like it because it has no chapters in the book. I think 3-7 year olds should read it because it is a good fit book for them.

Author: Arnold Lobel
Illustrator:Arnold Lobel
Grade: 2

Frog and Toad are Friends
By Arnold Lobel
Reviewed by Abby
In this story Frog and Toad went swimming. Toad didn’t want Frog and the other animals to see him, but when Toad got out of the water they lauved at him. Chek out the book to find out what happens to Toad. I like this book because Frog and Toad are friends. I think 4-18 year olds should read this book because it’s a harder book. I think higher levels should not read this book because it would be to easy and short.

Title: Just Me
Author: Marie Hall Ets
Illustrator:Marie Hall Ets
Grade: 2

Just Me
By Marie Hall Ets
Reviewed by Clarissa
This story starts by saying: A little bird sat on a post by the barn. He was singing with joy to greet the new day. He did not know that Biddy our cat was creeping up through the grass ready to catch him. That’s all I’m going to tell you. Read the book to find out. If you do you’ll see that you’ll like it. I like this book because the pictures explain a lot and go with the words. I think 1st graders should read this book because 1st graders will think it’s funny. Other grades won’t think it’s funny at all because they won’t think the pictures of the boy doing stuff like the animals is funny. If you don’t like animals then you might not like this book because there are animals in the book.
Happy Reading!

Title: The Egg Tree
Author: Katherine Milhous
Illustrator:Katherine Milhous
Grade: 2

The Egg Tree
By Katherine Milhous
Reviewed by Emmett
The characters of the story made a really big egg tree and thousands of people came to see it. In the book there is a egg hunt. A egg tree is a tree that has eggs hanging on it. Read more to find out what will happen next. I like the book because of the pictures on the eggs and I like how some pages had no words. I also like the bright colors in the book. I like the book because of the details the author put in the book by writing a lot of words. I think if you’re 6 years old to 11 years old you will like this book because I am 7 years old and I think if you are too small of an age you probably can’t read the words. If you are 6 years old or older and smaller than 11 years old then you can probably read the words and you will not think the book is to short. You won’t think the word are too easy to read. Happy Reading!

Title: The Little Island
Author: Golden Macdonald
Illustrator:Leonard Weisguard
Reviewer: Arohi
Grade: 2

The Little Island
By: Golden Macdonald
Pictures by: Leonard Weisguard
Reviewed by: Arohi
Once upon a time there was a little island on top of the ocean. Around it the peaceful winds blew. Also the roses fell on the shore. Clouds passed over it. Fish swim around it. Read the book to find out more. I like this book because when you read the book it sounds very peaceful. Also the pictures are very detailed. I think k-2 grade should read this book because the topic is very exciting. Who ever does not like islands should not read this book because they might think it is boring. Happy Reading!!!

Title: Mirette on the High Wire
Author: Emily Arnold McCully
Illustrator:Emily Arnold McCully
Grade: 2

Mirette on the High Wire
By Emily Arnold McCully
Reviewed by Christopher
This book is about a girl named Mirette who meets a retired high wire walker named Bellini and saw him walking on a high wire. She watched him so much that she tried to do it. Read this book to find out if she succeded. I liked this book because the pictures are really detailed. I think 7-8 year olds will like this book because it is about a girl that is about 8 years old.

Title: Where The Wild Things Are
Author: Maurice Sendak
Illustrator:Maurice Sendak
Grade: 2

Where the Wild Things Are
Story and pictures by: Maurice Sendak
Reviewed by Zachary
This story is about a boy whose bed room turns into a forust. So when he was on his own sail boat and when Max got where the wild things were they rourd there terrible rours and gnashed their teeth. Then the wild things said “please don’t go.” You should read this book to heer more about the story. I like this book because it had great pictures and it is really interesting to me. I like the coler Maurice did. I think 7 through 10 year olds should read this book because I think it would be more interesting to 7 through 10 year olds. I think they would like it because 7 through 10 year olds sometimes don’t like chapter books and older kids than 10 sometimes do like chapter books and sometimes they think it’s to easy.

Title:Ben’s Trumpet
Author: Rachel Isadora
Illustrator:Rachel Isadora
Grade: 2

Ben’s Trumpet
By Rachel Isadora
Reviewed by Dillon
Ben wants a trumpet. He pertens to play one while he listen to the zig zag club. Other people laf at him. Will Ben ever get a trumpet? I like this because the trumpet is cool. K to 2nd grad should read this book because you lern about music.

Title: Rapunzel
Author: Paul O. Zelinsky
Illustrator:Paul O. Zelinsky
Grade: 2

A Drawing of Rapunzel

by: Paul O. Zelinsky
reviewed by: Juliana
This book is a princess book and there’s a princess named Rapunzel. She gets locked in a tower. I really like this book because I’ve liked anything that Rapunzel is in because I’ve seen a Rapunzel movie and it was really good, and ever sene then I’ve liked Rapunzel. I think pre-schoolers to 2nd graders will like this book because a lot pre-school girls to 2nd grade girls like princesses.