Thursday, December 8, 2011
Title: Madeline
Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
Illustrator:Ludwig Bemelmans
Grade: 2

By Ludwig Bemelmans
Reviewed by Andra

It is all about Madeline and her friends with Ms. Clavil in Paris. Madeline was the smallest one. when I read this book I saw something happen to Madeline. Read the book to find out more. I do not like this book because it doesn’t have so much details and it does not inchrest me so much. I think nobody would like this book. If you read it ou would not like it because it does not inspiyer you. It does not have eny details. It just tells you a story. Just read the book to find out more about what happened to Madeline. I think pre-kinder shoud read the book because thay might think it is funny because Ms. Clavil keeps going up and down up and down the stairs.

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