Just Me

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Title: Just Me
Author: Marie Hall Ets
Illustrator:Marie Hall Ets
Grade: 2

Just Me
By Marie Hall Ets
Reviewed by Clarissa
This story starts by saying: A little bird sat on a post by the barn. He was singing with joy to greet the new day. He did not know that Biddy our cat was creeping up through the grass ready to catch him. That’s all I’m going to tell you. Read the book to find out. If you do you’ll see that you’ll like it. I like this book because the pictures explain a lot and go with the words. I think 1st graders should read this book because 1st graders will think it’s funny. Other grades won’t think it’s funny at all because they won’t think the pictures of the boy doing stuff like the animals is funny. If you don’t like animals then you might not like this book because there are animals in the book.
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