Where The Wild Things Are

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Title: Where The Wild Things Are
Author: Maurice Sendak
Illustrator:Maurice Sendak
Grade: 2

Where the Wild Things Are
Story and pictures by: Maurice Sendak
Reviewed by Zachary
This story is about a boy whose bed room turns into a forust. So when he was on his own sail boat and when Max got where the wild things were they rourd there terrible rours and gnashed their teeth. Then the wild things said “please don’t go.” You should read this book to heer more about the story. I like this book because it had great pictures and it is really interesting to me. I like the coler Maurice did. I think 7 through 10 year olds should read this book because I think it would be more interesting to 7 through 10 year olds. I think they would like it because 7 through 10 year olds sometimes don’t like chapter books and older kids than 10 sometimes do like chapter books and sometimes they think it’s to easy.

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