A Pocketful of Cricket

Friday, December 9, 2011
Title: A Pocketful of Cricket
Author: Rebbeca Caudill
Illustrator:Rebbeca Caudill

A Pocketful of Cricket
By Rebbeca Caudill
Reviewed by Neo
There is a little kid called Jay who collected a rock, a feather, a Indian arrowhead and some beans. He found a cricket and put it in his pocket. He took it home and kept it. Jays mom gave him a cage to keep it in. When Jay went to school he brought his cricket with him. At the end the teacher Jay has lets everyone bring something to school ever day for show and tell. I like this book because at the last page of the story they show you the beans. I think 1st graders should read it because the might learn some new things.

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