I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Aint Gonna Paint No More!

I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! But if it is for the best I will paint my …NECK!!!! This book is about a boy who loves to paint. His bathtub is filled up with paint so he takes a bath in paint. His mom puts his paint in a high spot but he is one smart kid.
I liked how the author drew it when the boy painted the walls they became colorful. When the mom cleaned it all up the walls became black and white.I didn’t like this book because it is too short. The last reason I liked this book is because the dog followed the boy everywhere. Because I have two dogs of my own.
You would like this book if you like lots of different colors. You would also like this book if you are in pre-k/3rd, a boy or a girl.

Title: I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More

Author: David Catrow



Reviewer: Madison

Age: 9

Grade: Third Grade

Location: Austin, TX


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