Peef the Bear

Friday, September 9, 2011


One Christmas day Santa gets bored so he makes a work of art. He makes a masterpiece a great nice beautiful Christmas Bear and with a touch of a button the bear comes to life! But one day Peef the Bear gets bored he does not like his job that much because he wants a boy to hug and love but will he get a boy or will he spend his life with Santa? Read this book to find out!
One reason I like this book is because of the colors.They go with the story really well. Another reason is because of the describing words. Another reason I like this book is because I like the name Peef
I think people who like this book Will like adventures and Christmas and This is a blue bonnet book so that means Every age of people will like this book.

Title:Peef the Bear




Reviewer: Ariana

Age: 9

Grade: Third Grade

Location: Austin, TX


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