The Blacksmith and the Devil

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Blacksmith and the Devils
Retold by: Marla Christina Brusca and Tona Wilson. Reviewed by: Kyle
This book is about a blacksmith that thinks he knows everything. So he goes along and doesn’t listen to the guardian of heaven. He thinks he is so good so he traps a devil.
I don’t like this book because it uses inappropriate language. I like the book because it is about a funny guy. I also don’t like the book because nobody should be forbidden from heaven.
I don’t think anybody would like this book because it has some bad stuff in it and doesn’t make sense. I don’t think this book should of ever been published.

Title: The Blacksmith and the DevilAuthor: Marla Christina Brusca and Tona WilsonIllustrator:


Reviewer: Kyle

Age: 9

Grade: Third Grade

Location: Austin, TX


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