Any PreK through 12th grade school student can contribute a book review. We ask that you host your own files whenever possible. If you have your own blog or podcast site, you can upload your files to that site and send us the link. We will review the audio file for appropriate content and publish the link to your file in our feed. If you are unable to host your own files, please contact us first before emailing a large media file.

All book reviews have the following requirements:

  • Must be created by a student in school (grades PreK through 12)
  • Must include the name of the book, the author and the illustrator
  • Must include a summary of the book, preferably without giving away the ending. Summary should include
    • character names
    • time frame
    • setting
  • Must include the book reviewer’s impression of the book (Did you like it or not? Why or why not?)
  • Must include the book reviewer’s recommendation (Do you think others should read this book? Who would like this book – boys or girls, young students or older students?)
  • Must include the book reviewer’s FIRST name and age or grade
  • Must include the book reviewer’s location

Please do not include last names of student reviewers.

Fiction Book Review Template
Non-Fiction Book Review Template

Reviews will not be accepted from the students themselves. Only parents or teachers may submit reviews on behalf of the student. All podcasts links should include a scanned or photographed copy of the parent permission form.

Once you are prepared to submit your review, please complete the submission form.

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