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Title: Smile
Author: Reina Telegeneier
Illustrator: Stephanie Yue
ISBN: 9780545122033

Reviewer: Brooke
Age: 8
Grade: 2
Location: St. Albert, AB, Canada

Title: The Littles and Their Amazing New Friend
Author: John Peterson
Illustrator: Jacqueline Rogers
ISBN: 590876120

Reviewer: Noella
Age: 7
Grade: 2
Location: St. Albert, AB, Canada

Title: Stuart Little
Author: E.B. White
Illustrator: Garth Williams
ISBN: 0-06-440056-5

Reviewer: Sam
Age: 7
Grade: 2
Location: St. Albert, AB, Canada

Title: The Little Island
Author: Golden Macdonald
Illustrator:Lenard Wesgard

The Little Island
By: Golden Macdonald
Illustrated By: Lenard Wesgard
Rviewed By: Ryan

A cat went to a island and picked up a fish. Read the book to find out what the cat does with the fish. I like this book because it made sens. I think 8-10 year olds should read this book because it is long I like the cat. People who don’t like cats shouldn’t read this book because it’s about a cat that goes to an island. Happy reading!

Title: The Little House
Author: Virginia Lee Burton
Illustrator:Virginia Lee Burton

The Little House
by: Virginia Lee Burton
Reviewed by Callahan

Once upon a time there was a Little House way out in the country. She was a pretty Little House and she was strong and well bult. The many who built her so well. I like this book because I like details and the color skeam of the pictures. I think 1st graders through 3rd graders should read Little House because Little House it has very good pictures and the words are very detail.

Title: My Friend Rabbit
Author: Eric Rohmann
Illustrator:Eric Rohmann

My Friend Rabbit
by Eric Rohmann
reviewed by Tyler

It was about when Rabbit loaded Mouse in a plane. It went to the tree How can Rabbit get the plane out of the tree? I like this book because the idea Rabbit used to get the plane down was good. Only people who don’t like friends would not like the book because this book has a friend in the book. Happy Reading!

Title: BEEGU
Author: Alexis Deacon
Illustrator:Alexis Deacon
Reviewer: Radhika
Grade: 2

By: Alexis Deacon
reviewed by Radhika

This story is about a alean named BEEGU. She was lost. When BEEGU was at school the kids really liked her. But BEEGU had to go. You will have to find out what is going on. I like this book because Alexis Deacon add lots of color to her pictures. I think 1st-3rd grade will like this book a lot because it is a interesting topik. BEEGU was tring to get home and finlly she was home.

Title: Sam Bangs and Moon Shine
Author: Evaline Ness
Illustrator:Evaline Ness

Sam Bangs and Moon Shine
By Evaline Ness
Pictures by Evaline Ness
Reviewed by Tea

This book is about a fisherman’s litter dater who has an imaginary kangaroo. Thomas thinks the kangaroo is real. Find out if it is our not by reading this book. I do not like this book because it is to long and it has too many words. I think 10-15 year olds would like this book because it has good pictures. I think1-4 year olds should not read this book because it mite be too long for them.

Title: A Pocketful of Cricket
Author: Rebbeca Caudill
Illustrator:Rebbeca Caudill

A Pocketful of Cricket
By Rebbeca Caudill
Reviewed by Neo
There is a little kid called Jay who collected a rock, a feather, a Indian arrowhead and some beans. He found a cricket and put it in his pocket. He took it home and kept it. Jays mom gave him a cage to keep it in. When Jay went to school he brought his cricket with him. At the end the teacher Jay has lets everyone bring something to school ever day for show and tell. I like this book because at the last page of the story they show you the beans. I think 1st graders should read it because the might learn some new things.

Title: In the Small, Small Pond
Author: Denise Fleming
Illustrator:Denise Fleming

In the Small, Small Pond
By Denise Fleming
Reviewed by Cole
There is a kid that went to a pond. He saw a frog jumping and other animals doing stuff. You’ll have to read the book to find out what other animals are in the pond and what they did. I don’t like this book because they don’t tell a story with words. I think 3 to 4 year olders should read this book because it only has four words on each page.